Welcome to Soldier Ride

Soldier Ride presents wounded service members and disabled veterans the unique opportunity to utilize cycling and the enduring bonds of service to overcome the physical, mental, and emotional wounds soldiers face after returning home.

In 2004 Chris Carney, a bartender at The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY, decided to ride his bike for charity.  With the support of Talkhouse owner Peter Honerkamp, Talkhouse promoter Nick Kraus and Chris’ friend Tek Vakaloma, Chris completed a 4,000 mile coast-to-coast bicycle ride raising over $1 million in support of Wounded Warrior Project, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help injured service members aid and assist one another.

Chris’ ride caught the attention of two Iraq War veterans, SSG Heath Calhoun, a double leg amputee and SSG Ryan Kelly, a single leg amputee.  They began planning their own ride and asked Chris to help.  In 2005 the three riders began their own  unforgettable coast-to-coast ride.  No longer a journey of personal accomplishment, Soldier Ride begins connecting veterans to the communities that they have sacrificed so much for.

Welcome To Soldier Ride.


The Film's Inspiration

When the idea for Soldier Ride first came to life on a bar stool at The Talkhouse, it occurred to us the journey was worth documenting.  So we began filming, and it suddenly became clear that Soldier Ride was the beginning of a truly great American story.


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