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Nicholas Mangano - U.S. Army 2013-17

Sgt. Nicholas Mangano grew up on Long Island, NY and joined the U.S. Army in 2013. Nick served with the 75th Ranger Regiment at Fort Benning, Georgia and was stationed in Jalalabad, Afghanistan as well as South Korea and Germany. Nick retired from the Army in 2017 and currently is a member of Airborne Tri Team, a non-for-profit organization providing war veterans with opportunities, physical challenges and goal oriented physical achievements to maximize their potential and increase their self-esteem all by being part of a team.

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Brian Mast - U.S. Army 2000-12

Congressman Brian Mast served as a Staff Sergeant is a U.S. Army for more than 12 years. Brian served with the 28th Ordnance Company and was deployed to Afghanistan as a bomb disposal expert with the Joint Special Operations Command. In 2010 he was wounded in Kandahar clearing a path for Army Rangers and the explosion resulted in the lost of both his legs. 

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