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Art Culver - U.S. Navy 1960-66

When he was 12 years old, Art Culver started to make models of airplanes and fell in love with flying. He applied to both the Air Force and Navy after he got out of school and was accepted by both. He picked the Navy because he wanted to serve on a carrier and he says he liked the uniform. He did over a hundred combat missions in Vietnam before leaving the Navy and then taking a job with American Airlines as a pilot. 

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Joan A. Furey - U.S. Army 1968-70

Joan Furey began her career in Army service in 1968 as a second lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps. She later volunteered to be deployed to Vietnam, where she received a Bronze Star as a staff nurse.
In 1970, the U.S. Army discharged Joan from Vietnam, and after leaving Southeast Asia, she dedicated her life to Veteran Affairs.

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