USA Warrior Stories Inc. is a Not-For-Profit organization designed to record, archive and share videos of Veteran stories online to help Veterans make a connection with one another and to help us all better understand their sacrifices for our freedom.


USA Warrior Stories helps you to record your story using your own recording equipment (such as your tablet, video camera or smart phone) as well as providing a list of questions to help you get started. If needed, USA Warrior Stories will assist by loaning additional equipment (such as light, tripod, microphone) at no cost to participants. Should you not be able to record yourself, USA Warrior Stories will provide aid to facilitate the recording.



USA Warrior Stories’ website will have an upload link for your recording. When uploading you can choose to add video footage (other than your recording), photographs that may be pertinent, and other media.



USA Warrior Stories will edit your material into a mini-biography; your media will also be inserted into your video (such as photographs, etc.) and sound cleaned to obtain a polished biography for the archive.



USA Warrior Stories' website uses search engine tools and keywords to categorize videos by branch of service, dates/locations of deployment, injuries, etc. USA Warrior Stories features a veteran’s story every month and reach out within the community through our email newsletter, the USA Warrior Stories’ website and social media. We understand that not all participant may want their stories viewed publicly. If a participant wishes to only have their video viewed by other participants their video will be marked private and only available to be viewed by other archive participants. The archive is designed to educate both veterans and non-veterans so ALL videos will be available publicly (PUBLIC) unless a participant wishes to only share their video with other participants. If a participant chooses this option their video will be available only privately (PRIVATE). ALL PRIVATE videos will be password protected and passwords will be shared with other USA Warrior Stories' participants.


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