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Richard Sawyer - U.S. Army 1969-70

Richard Sawyer served in the U.S. Army as a dog handler and was deployed to Vietnam with his dog in 1970 walking point and using the dog to sniff out the North Vietnamese. “I never pulled my trigger when I was over in Vietnam,” Richard said. “I never aimed at the enemy. I didn’t want to kill anybody. I didn’t believe in war, number one. I always believed, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ There shouldn’t be any exceptions to that.” After returning home from Vietnam and attending college the war finally caught up with him. Today Richard is retired and writing poetry to help express his PTSD and help us all better understand the "Soldier's Heart".

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Pat DeRosa - U.S. Army 1943-46

Pat DeRosa served in the U.S. Army Band entertaining troops across the United States durring WWII. After the war Pat attended music school on the G.I. Bill and worked as a professional musician and teacher. Pat played with the legendary John Coltrane as well as leading his own orchestra. In 1969 Pat played at President Richard Nixon first inaugural ball.

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Donna Zephrine - U.S. Army 1996-2006

SPC. Donna Zephrine joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1996 and became Full Active Duty in October 2002. Donna served with the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division (260 QM) and served 2 tours in Iraq from 2003-2005 as a 63 Bravo Light Weight Vehicle Mechanic.
Donna is active in many organizations including Wounded Warrior Project, World T.E.A.M Sports, Team Red White and Blue and Project 9 Line. She recently graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work and hoped to give back to help other Veterans or people who are in need.
In her spare time, Donna enjoys writing and has been published in multiple anthologies. These publications include Radvocate Literary Magazine, the “Afterwords” anthology, the “9 lives” New York University’s Veteran’s Writers Workshop anthology, Bards Annual 2017, The Local Gem Press, War Writer’s Campaign, Poets and Writers, Blogground, Oberon Magazine 2017 and CA/T Magazine of Columbia University.

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Frazer Dougherty - Pilot 345th Bomb Group

Frazer Dougherty joined the National Guard in the summer of 1940. When World War II was declared, Frazer transferred to the Army Air Corps where he was trained as a pilot and served in the 345th Bomb Group as First Pilot and survived sixty-three missions. Frazer went on to become the personal aid and pilot for Commanding General of the First Air Force, Frank O’Driscoll Hunter and retained this position through the end of the war.

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